Dale Cornish compiles one musician for each letter of the alphabet on XYZ

Next time won’t you sing with me.

Dale Cornish has teamed up with cassette label The Tapeworm to release a colossal compilation cassette in honor of their 10th anniversary.

XYZ: an ABC of The Tapeworm as mixed by Dale Cornish features 26 songs from as many artists who each represent one letter of the alphabet: A for Laura Agnusdei, B for Blood Music, C for Dale Cornish and on through Ziúr & Château Laut.

Tracks appear in non-alphabetical order and feature songs from The Tapeworm and their sister label The Wormhole’s back catalogs, tracks from upcoming releases on each imprint, many other previously unreleased pieces – many of which were made exclusively for XYZ – and one from contributor Yol’s cassette Drift on Vanity Publishing.

Cassettes are exclusively available via Stellage Store and are available for pre-order now.

Check out the album artwork and chew on the hefty tracklist below.

XYZ album cover


01. Stefan Goldmann – ‘Lover’
02. The Dead Mauriacs – ‘Cool Cool Cool (With A Zen Disturbance)’
03. Davide Luciani – ‘Cenere’
04. Laura Agnusdei – ‘Shaky Situation’
05. Tears|Ov – ‘Overstimulated Arcade Rat’
06. Blood Music – ‘All Hail, Zoe, The Posthuman, Maker Of Substrates, Great Connector, Red-Appearing Tendril And The Forked Aztec Branch On The Forest Floor’
07. Quietitude – ‘T22_06_06Z_9990.9kHz’
08. Steinbrüchel – untitled
09. Iceman Junglist Kru – ‘Could Jandek Exist In This Day And Age?’
10. NYZ – ‘SRi-M12-SCHISM17t-DRN24’
11. Howlround -‘Bastarding’
12. Wouter Van Veldhoven -’72’
13. Ziúr x Château Laut – ‘Ghost Or Saint (Ziúr Rub)’
14. X-Ray Sally – ‘Young Ossie Professional’
15. Marta de Pascalis – ‘Her Core’
16. Paul H Williams – ‘Fallen To Earth (Part III)’
17. Achim Mohné – ‘Seite B’
18. Michael Esposito – ‘Live at Worm Eats Bear, 20.10.2011’
19. Dale Cornish – ‘Intersection’
20. Le Forbici Di Manitù – ‘La Gengiva Inferiore Di Dio’
21. Jay Glass Dubs – ‘Devotional Song One’
22. UnicaZürn – ‘Phosphor AKS’
23. Rishaug Marhaug – ‘Seeing Eye Dog’
24. Kostis Kilymis – ‘Which Area Describes You Best?’
25. OUT – ‘Southernrail’
26. Yol – ‘Inside, The Buildings Are Angry’

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